Introduction of Better Blue

Introduction of Better Blue

Better Blue is initiated by China's divers who are passionate about ocean protection. It is a supporting institution that focuses on integrating diving industry’s resources, building the capacity of diving communities and participating in marine conservation and education through divers. Better Blue is committed to enable more people to learn to interact with the oceans scientifically and friendly through shaping a more responsible and stronger diving industry. The four major fields of Better Blue include marine citizen science, marine public education, industry development support and endangered species and habitat protection.

Management Structure

Better Blue is in the NGO registration process in Hainan and it has a charity fund under the management of Hainan Chengmei Charity Foundation. Before the NGO has successfully registered, Better Blue performs as a charity project managed by ChinaNext Foundation.

Our Vision

Enable more people to learn how to interact with the oceans scientifically and friendly. 

Our Mission

Shape a more responsible and marine friendly diving industry. 

Our Strategic Goals

1. Improve the knowledge and skills of divers so that they can participate in marine conservation scientifically.

2. Raise public awareness on ocean protection through diving community and diving sport.

3. Shape a marine-friendly diving industry and transfer more divers to become an actioner in ocean protection.

Our Impact


Approach of Participation