Charity Goods

If you are a Taobao seller

You can join in Taobao's Charity Goods Program and donate a specific sales ratio (as low as three thousandths) to Better Blue's Dive For Love project. (Reference link Gy/gybbxm?spm=2013.

If the seller joins in the Charity Goods Program, the credit rating of the store will become higher, and the buyer can find the Charity Good logo in the order page, introduction page and purchase page. In addition, the Charity Goods can also enhance the opportunity of the store on display. Generally, besides the tags of Taobao itself, when buyers search for the corresponding items, along with the increase of sales rate of charity goods, Taobao's items display will correspondingly increase.

If you want to donate your sales to Better Blue, you can email to for consultation. We will have a customer service to open a special channel for you and guide you through the setup.

If you are an entity merchant

We welcome merchants with corporate responsibility to set some or all their products as Better Blue's charity goods in any sales period, and donate through co-branding products or targeted proportion donation.

Show Case

(1)Rossini Blue Plan

In 2018, Rossini set three watches as Rossini Blue Charity Watch. For each watch sold on the Tmall and JD, Rossini will donate 10 RMB to support Dive Against Debris, executed by Better Blue. 


(2) Little Wine House Co-branding Wine

In 2018, Little Wine House and Better Blue jointly launched two "Clean Seas" themed wines. The main visuals of the wine labels were designed by Better Blue, which are whales and turtles made of marine debris. Little Wine House and Better Blue's logo and the advocacy of “Rejecting the Plastic Ocean” are on the back label. For every bottle sold, Little Wine House will donate 10% of the price to Better Blue for the implementation of marine charity projects.